Jack Auld

Jack Auld is a furniture designer, maker and exceptional custom joiner. He is the designer and maker at Auld Design, our custom furniture design business specialising in bespoke timber furniture. 

Over the past 20 years, Jack has amassed a highly specialised collection of skills, qualifications and experience that support his intuitive understanding of his clients needs and taste.

Jack commenced his four-year Joinery apprenticeship as a teenager, where he learnt the groundwork of joinery and furniture making. He has since worked around Australia, Europe and The Americas gaining the skills and experience required for shop fitting, interior carpentry and furniture making. 

Under the tutelage of well respected furniture makers in Melbourne, Jack again built on his wealth of skills for another 10 years before going out alone and launching his own business in 2010.

The culmination of 20 years training and experience, combined with Jack’s elegant design, exceptional craftmanship and the passion he brings to each project genuinely sets him apart.

Custom Furniture Design 

Jack is personally involved in every element of our furniture design and construction. His work is guided by essential design principles, a commitment to sustainable practise and working with clients to create pieces that are truly unique.

Each piece is designed to incorporate the taste and aesthetics of our clients – who they are, what appeals to them, and where the furniture will live. Auld Design furniture is created to last a lifetime, using the finest materials and highly specialised joinery to ensure they are enjoyed for generations.

Pictured here is the Emily Chair. This ‘Easy Chair’ is a technical design that both stunning and spectacularly comfortable. It is the perfect example of beautiful design combined with traditional joinery techniques and intended functionality. 

“It’s really satisfying when you conceptualise an idea, design it and then create the piece — that process of seeing your designs come to life is what I love most”.

Our Process & Philosophy

Timbers We Use & Our Commitment to Sustainability

We specialise in hardwood furniture and use reclaimed and native timber wherever possible. The quality of the design is embodied by the timber that is used, ensuring that our furniture is sustainable as well as stylish.

“Timbers we love to work with include Jarrah, Blackbutt, Victorian Ash, Solid Messmate, Silvertop Ash and Solid Stringybark. We are committed to using reclaimed and locally sourced timber for all of our pieces”.

“Using reclaimed timber whenever possible goes with our philosophy of creating sustainable furniture that’s built to last and can be handed down to future generations. One of our favourite projects was hand crafting a table using reclaimed timber from the Queenscliff Port Authority Building”.

You can see The Queenscliff here.